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Medicines - Be A Smart Consumer!
All of us have fears when a medication starts. We have fears concerning the efficacy of the medicine, how to take it, side effects it shall have and hole it is going to burn in our pocket. Attendants to older people have to be more careful as some diseases such as cardio-vascular, arthritis, lungs disease may be more acute and require different medications with different schedules for intake. The medication may conflict due to multiple organ disorders, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, pregnancy etc.. All fears are can be resolved if we follow certain tips. Above all, we must not hide any symptom, medicines taken or being taken, existing ailment/ disease from our doctor. And we must take the medicines as prescribed by our doctor.
We have to overcome mental barriers that get created when it comes to medication. These could be :
S.No.BenefitProbable Solution
1.Cost of medicationCheck with doctor if generic medicine can be prescribed. Generic medicines are generally cheaper.
2.Will the medication work and from whenCheck with doctor when improvement will start
3.Fear of side effects of the medicationWill the medication have side effects like drowsiness, upset stomach, dry cough etc..
4.Confusion on how and when to take the medicationCheck before meals, after meals, day, night
5.Difficulty in maintaining the complex scheduleDraw a chart and get checked from your chemist or pharmacist or doctor
The barriers can be easily taken care of , by following certain safe practices :
  • Do not start any medicine without consulting your doctor.
  • Do not stop any medicine without consulting your doctor.
  • Take your medicines on time and as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Take liquids only with measuring cup provided with the medicine as spoons we eat with generally vary in size.
  • Make list of all your medication you take including supplements, herbals, ayurvedic, homeopathic, OTCs.
  • Keep medicines in cool and dry place. Please check up if your medication requires refrigeration.
  • Check your medicines with prescription, bill and the physical goods before leaving the pharmacy.
  • In case of home delivery also check the medicines with your prescription and the bills.
  • Check expiry dates on the medicines before buying or consuming the medicines.
  • Insist for a bill from physical pharmacy/on line pharmacy as the bill contains all information about the medicines which includes batch number, expiry date, quantity dispensed, cost.
  • Never ever share your prescription medicines with some else and never take someone else’s prescription medicine.
  • While traveling out of your city don’t forget to carry your prescription and sufficient dosage of all your medicines as you may not find the same brands in a different city.
It is always advisable to ask few questions before starting a medication. These are :
  • How is this medication going to help me?
  • What is the brand name and the generic name?
  • How should I take this medicine?
  • For what duration should I take this medicine?
  • When should I take this medicine?
  • What are the side effects? How should I identify the side effects? What is to be done in case they occur/ re-occur?
  • What activities should I avoid while I am on this medication?
  • What foods I should avoid while I am on this medication?
  • How should I store the medicines?
  • Can I drink alcohol, tea, coffee or smoke while on the medication?
  • Should I keep the prescription and the bill for the medication I am taking?
  • For how long should I keep the prescription and the bill of the medication?
  • What should I do if I miss a dose?
  • What should I do in case of an overdose?
  • Will the medicine create conflicts with medication and supplements I am already taking?
Please follow few cautions to remove the barriers and fears about medication. The questions keep coming to our minds with no solutions or remain unanswered due to busy schedules of the doctors and the pharmacists. Please do not hesitate in speaking to your doctor about any concern while on medication. Please remember medicines can hurt if they are not taken in the right way.
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