Biggest thing about RxPharmacy.in is that it eliminates chemist shop hopping! Earlier I used to go to three chemists to complete the prescription.Today I order online and they deliver at home. Thank you RxPharmacy.in team. Tina, Punjabi Bagh
RxPharmacy in easy to use from very beginning. Just upload your prescription & they deliver in 90 minutes! Keep it up RxPharmacy! Anil Mittal, Ashok Vihar
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Online pharmacy/ internet pharmacy/ mail order pharmacy are those pharmacies that operate over the internet and send orders of customers to their doorstep through the mail, courier or shipping companies.
The concept of online pharmacy is new to India and is yet to mature. The issues are related to multiplicity of brands available in India, non-availability of all brands at one pharmacy store, prescriptions not given by customers, different prices for same medicines in different states due to taxation.
Online pharmacies are gaining popularity mainly due to lack of time and energy available with customer/ consumer. Consumers/ customers for medicines spend time in travelling to the medicine shop, finding a parking place, waiting for chemist to dispense goods and then another queue to make payments. Above all, if prescription is not fully filled then queuing up at another chemist.
www.RxPharmacy.in , an online medicine shop, is here to help you do away with all these problems! You can now buy medicines by placing orders on line either by uploading your prescription on the website or by calling us on the mobile number mentioned on the website. www.RxPharmacy.in will arrange for all the medicines to be delivered at your doorstep. We also deliver life saving drugs/ medicines at affordable prices.
We at www.RxPharmacy.in currently serve you in Delhi and NOIDA through our business associates. The business associates are registered chemist shops with credibility and experience in dispensing medicines including specialized medicines.
We help you to save time and travel cost by avoiding going to chemist shops!
You can spend more time and money on yourself and your loved ones!
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