What is RxPharmacy.in?

RxPharmacy.in is an online portal that provides messenger service between purchasers of medicines & the pharmacists.
Visitors / Customers can place orders by uploading their latest prescription or providing the prescription at the time of delivery.

The service is entirely free for patients / customers.
As we are a messenger service:
  • We do not suggest, endorse or promote any medicine (allopathic / homeopathic / ayurvedic) or a surgical product.
  • We purely arrange for brands that are mentioned on the prescription duly authorized by the registered medical doctor.
  • Patients have to use their own judgement to choose their doctor and the medicine prescribed by him / her.
  • We do not provide any medicine / medical assistance - emergency or otherwise.
  • We do not take responsibility of any medical eventuality that might occur subsequent to using medicines /delay in taking medicines / delays in delivery / wrong deliveries / any other reason by our business associates for the ordersplaced through RxPharmacy.in portal.