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A Dose Of About Antibiotics
What is an Antibiotic?
Antibiotics are synthetics or semi synthetic drugs. A powerful medicine, that fights against bacteria in case of bacterial infection and saves life if used judiciously.
How Antibiotics work?
Antibiotics either kill the bacteria or stop the multiplication of bacteria. Our body defense mechanism usually does it their own in normal case.
Antibiotics do not fight infections caused by Viruses such as Cold, Flu, most coughs and bronchitis. Avoid use of antibiotics in case of viral infections unless prescribed by your doctor.
Why is it important to do full course of Antibiotics?
Please take antibiotic only when advised by the doctor and follow the direction given by him carefully and complete the treatment in the prescribed time.
It is very important to finish your medication. If you stop the treatment before the prescribed time, the bacteria will now grow more rapidly and cause more harm to you. The infection will reoccur with aggravated symptoms that may require higher doses of antibiotics. This happens because bacteria, while they multiply, change their DNA randomly. The result is bacteria that are resistant to antibiotic. Please note resistant bacteria may spread to others also!
To cure you completely of the infection, it is, therefore, important to kill all the bacteria. If you ignore doctor’s advice and stop taking the prescribed dose, the bacteria may show up at some other place and this can be extremely dangerous.
Not only bacteria YOU MAY ALSO DEVELOP ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE! This happens by taking antibiotics when you don’t need one (for example, infections caused by virus like cold and flu), not taking antibiotic as prescribed by the doctor, not completing the dosage as prescribed by the doctor.
The effect of this is the longer period of infection for you, the complications due to longer infection and spreading it to others especially to your loved ones.
Why people stop taking antibiotics before prescribed time?
One reason is they start feeling better hence think that they do not need antibiotics further.
Second important reason is the common side effects like stomach problems, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Though it is not known why it happens to some people and not to others, this does not mean that you stop taking medicines prescribed to you. You must contact your doctor immediately for remedial action.
So my friends please always take antibiotics under medical supervision only and take right dose at the right time and upto time prescribed by your doctor. Also please do not save antibiotics for use later as these may become ineffective over a period of time.
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